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Cập nhật thông tin nội bộ trong công ty Giza

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Joyfulness, happiness, … are the emotions that we had in the gala dinner of 2019 – VE NHA AN TET

On the evening of January 20, at the Trong Dong Palace (Hoang Quoc Viet – Hanoi), the leaders of the Giza team and the employees had moments of reunion full of joy and laughter at the year-end party. The party brought a cozy and close atmosphere. Special performances, lucky draw with many valuable gifts were given to all the company’s staff.

At the party, all Giza’s members experienced both the Modern Tet and the Traditional Tet by participating in activities like VR Games, Balloons Art, Blind Man’s Buff, e.t.c.

The practiced special performances by the staff of the company took the audience from one surprise to another. Handclap opened full of excitement, The cover of “Để Mị nói cho mà nghe” attracted all eyes of interest, Giza Kids chirped their singing talent with love repertoire “Hungry stomach”. In particular, the mashup version “Coming home to celebrate Tet” at the end of the program made the whole audience leave the seats, holding hands to step on stage and sing joyful melodies to greet the new spring.


The music video “I’m Giza-er” was a memorable highlight in this year’s gala show. Not only summarizing the typical activities in 2019, the song “I’m Giza-er ” also expressed a deep pride in the solidarity and attachment of the company’s staff as well as the successes that Giza has reaped all this time. Thereby, motivating and encouraging each employee to be always enthusiastic to work, to devote efforts and conquer new goals in 2020.


Meeting and sharing emotion with all the members of Giza, General Director – Mr. Ngo Huu Tiep was so happy, “I am proud that we have built a beautiful culture in Giza, that is the culture of a family. I believe that our house – Giza, will become bigger and more beautiful if we love and build it together” – he said


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