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Cập nhật thông tin nội bộ trong công ty Giza

30 Th1, 2023 Permalink


Year-end program is an annual practice of Giza Vietnam. This is an opportunity for employees from all over the country to gather to directly listen to the messages and orientations conveyed from the Board of Directors of the corporation, to attend a cozy and luxurious party with an internal cultural program. colorful set.

2022 is a difficult year, not only for Giza but also for all businesses. The Group has made many important transformations in the past 3 challenging years, to create solid and methodical stepping stones, gradually bringing Giza, from an industrial construction general contractor, to gradually becoming a become a strong industrial group with a supportive and active industry ecosystem with 03 brands of Giza E&C, Haast Industry, BSM Holdings, to fully meet the needs of FDI customers.

Photo: Chairman Ngo Huu Tiep and General Director Ngo Huu Hoang speaking at the event

In order to overcome the continuous great waves from the outside, not only by the wise and appropriate leadership of the Company’s Board of Directors, but also by the spirit of solidarity, the cooperation and contribution of all employees. group. The whole system looks to 2023 with strong energy, youth and constant creativity, READY TO SHOW with the best version of itself, celebrating the milestone of Giza Decade (2013-2023).

The program took place in a fun and vibrant atmosphere with professional internal music performances, summarizing the focus of 2022 through the performance of “Giza Apples” reporting with interesting music to viewers. More than 30 lucky gifts are randomly drawn and given to employees in the group, which is the wish of luck and happiness that the company’s leaders want to send to everyone.

Some pictures of the event: