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Cập nhật thông tin nội bộ trong công ty Giza

12 Th3, 2020 Permalink


In a sweet Saturday morning, 7th March, The Union of Giza E&C was held a funny event to celebrate the International women’s day, with the topic: Women is to love. This year, the idea of the event is created and operated by men in Giza, with the aim of delivering love, respect and surprising gifts to female colleagues.

On behalf of all guys, The General Director Mr Ngo Huu Tiep and the chairman of Union Mr Dang Tran Hieu express the deepest thanks and wish women in Giza will be happy, beautiful and successful in the future. Special performance “Hay trao cho anh”, Giant heart picture and fresh-sweet strawberry, bring all of us a wonderful party

The sisters are very excited to participate in the lucky draw. Although gift items are somethings very simple, such as green vegetables, towels, pans, slippers, the value of the gifts is not great, it shows the creativity and thoughtfulness of male colleagues for this event


Wishing the Giza family to increasingly unite, be stronger, and ready to overcome all difficulties together to achieve more success in the future.

Some typical images: