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Cập nhật thông tin nội bộ trong công ty Giza

18 Th9, 2019 Permalink


Wishing to recreate the traditional values of goodness, closeness, familiarity in the old Mid-Autumn Festival Night, Giza E&C gave children a simple, cozy and joyful “Fairy Moon Night” on the evening of September 12th 2019, with familiar fairy characters such as The Witch, Moon Princess, Teu, White Rabbit, Yellow Puppy

At the Party, Children are involved in many activities such as Light Party, Painting, Making Moon Cake, Fun Quiz, Dancing, …Not only the children but also the mothers, who also went to the market to buy gifts, trimmed fruits by themselves, decorated lanterns, made plums of five fruits and their festivals fuller. The Painting Contest “Baby’s Dream” attracted a lot of children to participate. Through each painting, children not only show their artistic talents but also share their dreams with their parents, friends, etc. Giza wished children to be healthy, obedient, study well, always loved, cared for in the best way, and best of all, their dreams would soon come true.

Some typical images: