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Cập nhật thông tin nội bộ trong công ty Giza

25 Th4, 2020 Permalink


On the first day of launching, Giza 5S Green & Clean movement received enthusiastic response from the employees. “Giza 5S at the office made our 7th day a lot more fun and helpful” – Mr. Ngô Hoàng Sơn (Marketing Department) said.

Giza 5S Green & Clean is a desk cleaning movement with criteria: Screening – Sorting – Clean – Caring – Ready . Launched at the time the country was fighting against Covid-19, Giza 5S sent a message of a positive life, reminding every employee to always be aware of keeping the hygiene, tidiness and neatness at the workplace. Thereby, the movement created a fresh working space, stimulating creativity and increasing work efficiency.

The movement is carried out at 11:30 every Saturday, with the music signaled on the radio, all employees work together such as: cleaning computers, cleaning desks, organizing and re-screening documents, tending trees scene,… The movement only takes place within 10-15 minutes but brings practical results. “I used to spend a lot of time searching for documents, but when I was working on the Giza 5S movement, organizing and refining my documents, my search became quicker and easier” Ms.Duong (PR Department) said

Some amazing photos of Giza 5s: