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As known as the most special occasion of each year, Giza Summer Holiday is not only the chance for Giza staff and their family to relax after hardworking days but also the time for gathering and sharing of Giza Big Family. This year, Thailand – a beautiful country with unique and diverse culture has become the next dreaming destination. In the first time going abroad, with the slogan New challenges- New success, the journey has brought a huge memorable experience to nearly 200 members of Giza

After 2 hours on flight with exciting, Giza family from 3 regions of Vietnam has gathered in Thailand, enjoyed an impressive tour 4 days 3 nights in crowded Bangkok capital and Coastal Pattaya City, burned out together with Teambuilding New Challenges – New Success and showed the great performances of each team in Gala Dinner “Dancing with Giza”.

8 Teams joining in the competition “Dancing with Giza” have delivered excellent performances such as funny song “Ai yeu co Ba Sai Gon” from Team Accounting-Construction Management, lovely mashup Baby Shark & Where do we go Daddy? from Sites Team Dynamix – Leehing – Jasan 2B – Đại Đông. Consequently, the First Prize with 10 million VND valued belonged to Team Sale – HR – Tentative with the performance: “Giza Epic”, a completely deserved victory due to solid content, deep message, elaborate choreography and beautiful customes.

Beside 2 traditional activities: Teambuilding and Gala Dinner, Giza staff had the opportunities to taste Thai foods, discover many famous landscapes and tourist attractions such as Royal Jewelries Center, Tran Bao Budha Mountain, Ho Bac Vineyard, Boat Pagoda, Chao Phraya River, Coullosseum music show, ...

The Thailand Summer Holiday 2019 was successful in connecting Giza’s members, not only helped members become comprehend and united, but also motivated them to devote themselves to the sustainable development of Giza E&C.