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Credit agreement 2016 signing ceremony between Giza E&C & Military Bank

The credit agreement 2016 signing ceremony between Giza E&C and Military Bank (MB) was held solemnly at Giza office on April 25th 2016. This event has marked a new stage of the close cooperation relation between two sides.

Attending the ceremony has the presence of Mr. Le Quoc Ninh – Director of MB branch, Mr. Le Huy Cuong, Manager of Corporate Department, Mr. Tran Manh Ha – Deputy manager of Private customers, Mr.Ngo Huu Tiep – Chairman of Giza; Mr. Ngo Huu Hoang – Deputy General Director, Mr. Kieu Van Vinh – Deputy General Director and other members of Giza Board of Management, managers of MB and Giza Departments.

MB and Giza signed a comprehensive cooperation agreement in various fields and business activities, including credit and capital arrangement, funding, investment cooperation; financial and monetary advisory services, and long-term credit agreement with the value 230 billion Vietnam dong in 2016 for Giza.

Mr.Ngo Huu Tiep – Chairman of Giza & Mr. Le Quoc Ninh – Director of MB branch

On behalf of MB – Branch Hoang Quoc Vietnam, Mr Le Quoc Ninh congratulated the cooperation of MB and Giza. He affirmed that MB always trusted and appreciated the strong development of Giza, the leading industrial general contractors in Vietnam, especially in the segment of Foreign direct investment projects, who have huge advantage of reputation and experience. We are proud to be the long-term strategical financial partner of Giza and can meet more diversified and complex needs of Giza during its development. ”

Mr. Ngo Huu Tiep, Chairman of the Company Board of Giza said the company is developing strongly and sustainably, continuously expanding the scale and sales volume. In 2015 Giza has signed total contract value of nearly 1,000 billion Vietnam dong, equivalent to US$ 50 million. One important factor to enhance their success is the solid financial resources with extreme support and cooperation from MB, a big and professional bank in Vietnam.