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29 Th8, 2018 Permalink

Twins Hai Duong: Roofing ceremony for the manufacturing tower

Twins Hai Duong feed manufacturing project is one of the most rapid progress projects of Giza E & C. The project has a total size of 5 hectares with a total investment of $US 21 million. The owner is Twins Group, one of the leading feed manufacturers in China. Although tthey have set up more than 90 factories in China, this is their first factory overseas. Giza E&C is pround to be the general contractor for construction, finishing and installation of the mechanical & electrical system of the project. It is expected that all items will be completed within 6 months and handed over to the owner by the end of 2018.

After a time of speeding up the construction, on August 27th 2018, the site management and investor representatives held a roofing ceremony for the manufacturing tower with a basement and five floors, earlier 6 days. Although construction conditions are difficult with 35 days of rainstorm during 87 days of construction, complicated technical features with more than 100 open holes of all kinds and about 200 forward code, but Giza site management board  and its subcontractors are always trying their hardest to finish the project safely, achieving the highest quality and soon to finish.


After the roofing ceremony, the project will continue to accelerate construction to soon hand over and put into operation in accordance with the plan of the investor.