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GIZA E & C has synchronously implemented 5S practice at all of its work sites. The boards and slogans are designed friendly to visually attract everyone attention. This is very significant in helping to improve the quality and efficiency of work and create a professional image of the company. 5S include SCREENING, SORTING,  SPOTLESS, SHEPHERD, (ALL) SET


The BOM expects that a clean, tidy working environment, reasonable setting up of the equipment will create favorable conditions for people to work more inspiringly, proactively and responsibly. After the campain is deployed all engineers and workers are very excited and hope that 5S will change the work site image and contribute to improving productivity and ensuring the project schedule.

Additional information: 5S are the abbreviation of Japanese words “SEIRI”, “SEITON”, “SEISO”, SEIKETSU” và “SHITSUKE”, which are translated in Vietnamese “SCREENING”, “SORTING”, “SPOTLESS”, “SHEPHERD”, “(ALL) SET”.


The general principles of 5S practices are as follows:

– Seiri (Screening): is screening unnecessary items at the workplace and eliminating them.

– SEITON (SORTING): Sorting things organized according to a certain order and convenience to use

– SEISO (SPOTLESS): hygiene at the workplace so that there’s no trash or dirt (including on the floor, machinery and equip ment)

– Seiketsu (SHERPHER): is always caring and keeping the workplace clean, convenient and productive by implementing Seiri, Seiton, Seiso.

– Shitsuke ((ALL) SET): Create a routine, voluntary work habits and maintain a convenient working environment

5S Practice will help:

– Ensure the health of employees

– Easy and convenient, saving time in the working process

– Create a working spirit and open atmosphere

– Improve life quality

– Improve productivity

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