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On April 16th and 21st, Giza successfully hold the Conference on Development Cooperation in Industrial Construction 2018 in an open atmosphere and goodwill.


As an annual event from 2015 the Conference aims to support, connect the business community in the field of industrial construction, and open up opportunities for business cooperation between participants, It is also an opportunity for Giza E&C to express its gratitude and honor to their valued partners.

This year’s conference plays great importance in announcing and implementing the standards for evaluating bidders participating in the project in two phases: Pre-bidding and Post-bidding. Evaluation criteria include 5 groups: Finance, Human Resources, Technique, Technology, and Experience. Each criterion group includes a number of different indicators corresponding to the characteristics of the group (Subcontractors, Suppliers, Human suppliers). The ultimate goal is selecting suitable partners to carry out the project and encouraging contractors to improve their own capacity, thereby improving the construction quality.

In order to carry out this assessment, Giza E&C has invested and prepared to put into operation the Partner Management System. With this system, partners can proactively manage information about themselves and update the changes. Partners can also quickly access to information from Giza E&C, participate in transparent and open bidding, effectively coordinate with the general contractor in project implementation process, and finally check their ranking.

Partners in the ‘Gold Partner List’ will be given priority in the selection process for large value work packages.

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