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Red Star Award is a noble prize organized by Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, Vietnam Youth Union and Vietnam Young Entrepreneurs Association to honor individuals who are young entrepreneurs and have contributed to the business and society.

Image: Top 10 Red Star Entrepreneurs and 100 Typical Young Vietnamese Entrepreneurs 2017

In 2017, the Council of Choice Awards highly evaluated the criteria for sustainable development, integration, social responsibility and business ethics of the nominated business and young entrepreneurs. They prioritize the candidates who have many initiatives and modern technology solutions into production and business to bring success to enterprises and society.
Throughout the three rounds of voting, with unbiased and serious working spirit, the Council voted to select TOP 100 typical young Vietnamese entrepreneurs typical 2017 to honor. The top 10 winners will be awarded the 2017 Red Star Award.

Image: Mr. Ngo Huu Tiep – Chairman of Giza E&C is honored to receive the title of Vietnam Typical Young Entrepreneur 2017
This year’s TOP 100 typical young entrepreneurs have generated more than VND 320 trillion in revenue in 2016, contributing more than VND 40 trillion to the state budget, creating jobs for over 100 thousand workers.
TOP 10 Red Star are young entrepreneurs with outstanding and impressive performance and impressive. They symploize a new generation of young, dynamic, creative and enthusiastic entrepreneurs in international economic integration.
Particularly, the business of TOP 10 Red Star 2017 generated over VND 230 trillion in revenue in 2016, contributed VND 35 trillion to the state budget, created jobs for nearly 47 thousand workers.